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Cool huh? Ok, enough teasing around..

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Our Mission

To bring back the joyful life to children, no matter where they live!

non-profit organization


Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization, our team members are volunteers of all ages, we introduce folk games to children, no matter where they live. We make sure nobody misses out on their childhood!



What We Do?

Games can improve kids' hand–eye coordination,problem-solving skills, and communication skills. That's the reason we create free game events regularly for children in Vietnam. Everyone is welcome to join the team to spread love and laugh.



How We Do It?

We collect money through our offline fundraising events and online donation. Part of the money is for operating cost and the other part come back to the game events.


Here are some photos of our latest events
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Fun Game With Soda Cans
Exploding Clay Bomb
Paper Mask Drawing Are Fun!
Even Mom Love This Game Too
Who Remember Snake Game?
Don't Worry, I Got Your Back!
Dad! We Can't Lose
Seeing Straw For The First Time!



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Contact Us


For all questions and donate information please contact:

  Thu Vien Tro Choi, Hanoi, VN

  0789 502 5025