Victor Candelas

Victor Candelas

Victor Candelas loves video games and appreciates how they can affect people in a multitude of ways. He likes to see the importance of many games. He is always playing games, his favorite game is League of Legends. He prefers RPGs to other types of games, hates scary games since he does not like jump scares. He will always be a permanent guest, even though he has moved to Arizona.

Victor's Work

  • LoG Podcast | Season 10 | Episode 3: Victor’s Apocalypse Arcade

    LoG Podcast | Season 10 | Episode 3: Victor’s Apocalypse Arcade

    This week we talk about arcades and Chicago's gaming scene. It becomes clear throughout the episode that Isaiah really wants to travel back in time to the 80s. Also, Victor has some strange ideas about what types of supplies are necessary to run an arcade. Big thanks to James Fraser for the amazing banjo intro/outro music!
  • Super Princess Peach

    Super Princess Peach

    Taylor and Violet play Super Princess Peach with guest appearances from most of the LoG Team. This is one of our very first Let's Play series and currently one of the longest. There is a lot of screaming, which we apologize for, but it couldn't be avoided. This game is truly terrible. We have finished recording this series but are still working on editing videos. The rest of the series will be coming soon. No. of Episodes: 24 Length: 7hr 17min
  • LoG Podcast | Season 10 | Episode 1: BitBash 2014

    LoG Podcast | Season 10 | Episode 1: BitBash 2014

    We are back. That's right, the schism has healed and we are back to good old Library of Games episodes. For the first episode of our tenth season we discuss the games we played at BitBash, Chicago's Indie Game Festival. Surprisingly, we also manage to stay on topic. Miracles do happen. P.S. Thanks to Miles for monitoring the audio recording! Featured Music
    Video Challenge (Anamanaguchi) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
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