LoG Podcast | Season 10 | Episode 5: Personal Choice Extravaganza

Everyone’s favorite feature personal choice is back. This week we talk about our favorite game genres and our favorite music in video games. Tom sings and Calder hands out demerits. Enjoy.

We didn’t have the internet readily available during this recording so here is a LoG Fact Check.

Fact Check
– The composer of Shovel Knight and Mega Man is Manami Matsumae.
– The Castlevania game Calder was trying to think of was probably Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Strange Picture
So, it was mentioned in the episode that the image to accompany the podcast on the website should be the derpy dracula wearing Tom’s shirt. As Taylor was trying to make this happen, friend of the show and YOUmedia regular, Alex Pietrzyk, hijacked the image editing and made this…


Gorgeous, right?

Once again, this episode features the banjo playing of James Fraser.

  • *Featuring*
  • Calder Laban
  • Jacob Montalvo
  • Tom Lee

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