Isaiah Fernandez

Isaiah Fernandez

Isaiah Fernandez is a guy who loves video games for what they do, not what is in them. He is a sophomore at Jones College Prep. He very much wants to complete Limbo, Fez, and the entire Halo series (with the exclusion of Halo Wars, which he thinks is irreversibly stupid). He is very sad at the cancellation of Fez 2 and hates Phil Fish for it. In other news, Isaiah also loves to play FPS and TPS games. As a side note, he is also often condescending and approves of trollers.

Isaiah's Work

  • Sonic Adventure 2

    Sonic Adventure 2

    Rolling around at the speed of sound... Oh, are you tired of us singing that? Too bad because this is Sonic Adventure 2 as played by Jacob "Shut up, stupid" Montalvo with assists from Isaiah and Max. We gave up on this series for...uh...reasons? It is still unclear why we quit this one. I think it was all the yelling and cursing. No. of Episodes: 6 Length: 2hrs 42min
  • LoG Podcast | Season 11 | Episode 1: What are Deep Games?

    LoG Podcast | Season 11 | Episode 1: What are Deep Games?

    Welcome back! It's 2015 and we are off to a good start. This week we discuss "deep games". What are they? Who are they for? And what is their future? Intro & Outro Music by LoG member Miles Woodcock-Girard.
  • LoG Podcast | Season 10 | Episode 3: Victor’s Apocalypse Arcade

    LoG Podcast | Season 10 | Episode 3: Victor’s Apocalypse Arcade

    This week we talk about arcades and Chicago's gaming scene. It becomes clear throughout the episode that Isaiah really wants to travel back in time to the 80s. Also, Victor has some strange ideas about what types of supplies are necessary to run an arcade. Big thanks to James Fraser for the amazing banjo intro/outro music!
  • LoG Podcast | Season 10 | Episode 1: BitBash 2014

    LoG Podcast | Season 10 | Episode 1: BitBash 2014

    We are back. That's right, the schism has healed and we are back to good old Library of Games episodes. For the first episode of our tenth season we discuss the games we played at BitBash, Chicago's Indie Game Festival. Surprisingly, we also manage to stay on topic. Miracles do happen. P.S. Thanks to Miles for monitoring the audio recording! Featured Music
    Video Challenge (Anamanaguchi) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
    Games we discussed
  • Pokémon White Version 2

    Pokémon White Version 2

    Jacob and Isaiah play Pokémon White Version 2. They are joined by Max for a couple episodes before it all peters out. This Let's Play was a casualty of one of our hard drive casualties and was never completed. This one will definitely not be picked up again unless you can convince Jacob to start recording again. No. of Episodes: 5 Length: 1hr 27min
  • Punch Out!!

    Punch Out!!

    Jacob and Isaiah play Punch Out!! (with some guest commentary from Max) as part of our Super Smash Bros. series. We never finished this series because our hard drive failed and we lost some of our video and also our game saves. Perhaps someday Isaiah will continue the series. No. of Episodes: 5 Length: 1hr 8min