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For the past two weeks a group of LoG members headed by Tom, Cristian, and myself have been busily brainstorming on the subject on the LoG RPG.

So far we have planned out the overall structure of the game, with:

  • 4 NPC Villages
  • an optional dungeon
  • 10 “continents”
  • numerous monster ideas
  • outlines for most of the playable characters, of which there will be 16
  • concept art for monsters and bosses
  • the full layout of YOUmedia, shown below.


Youmedia Features:

  • Starting zone and NPC Village
  • Desk area is a weapon shop
  • 3 NPC Houses– Computer corner, Art table, and Card tables
  • The area around the Wii is the Inn
  • Instead of sleeping, health is restored by playing Hyper Crush Buds (see what we did there…)
  • All staff members are NPCs:
    • Marshall and Daniel T. are located at the Art table
    • Matt hangs out by the 3d printer, in between the art table and computer corner
    • Niq, Brian, and Avri are stationed at the desk Daniel D. hangs out by the computer corner
    • Marcellous is also behind the desk, but he and Daniel D. only spawn 50% of the time (because they are part timers)
    • Jeff, along with the north half of YOUmedia, has disappeared. They won’t be seen until much later, when we discover that that whole section is now attached to the tenth floor.

And that’s it for now; we’ll be posting updates once per week!

Phil Winn

Phil Winn

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