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If you listened to the most recent episode of the LoG Podcast you may remember that Calder suggested that we should create an RPG Maker game about Library of Games. Usually when we mention things like this they are idle threats. But not this time. Just days later Cristian returned with a write-up for the beginning of the game. We now give you Cristian’s starting point for the LoG RPG in it’s entirety.

It’s springtime here at YOUmedia. The city is beautiful at this time of year but who cares? It’s time for the the mid-annual thing and everyone from LoG is present and excited…

Except for Taylor. Ever since she entered the building she just felt uneasy. The feeling something bad was going to happen did not leave her.

It was time for cake! As Taylor wheeled it out, everyone erupted into applause. As Jacob started to cut the cake he stopped and said, “Let this be for you buddy. We all miss you here, Victor.”

“Thank,” a familiar voice said, “but it’s time to die now.”


With that the lights went out.


Back on. Now all that can be seen are piles of dead bodies. The only ones left are the members of LoG including Taylor and Phil.




Phil is gone. Taylor is replaced by what her ghost would look like and then Taylor’s body walks out (ed. note: of what?)

“Wha…what’s wrong with me?” Taylor says.

“I’ve taken your body Taylor,” says Victor’s voice coming from Taylor’s body, “Any ways, you killed me. Now it’s time I repay the favor.”

“Didn’t you just move to Arizona?” asks Violet.

“That was code for me dying and all of you did nothing and couldn’t figure our the code. Long story short, I went to hell, something about my soul being too tainted, so I promised by bud down there some fresh souls so I’m going to slaughter all of you with my bare hands. After that I’ll use my powers for…I haven’t gotten that far yet.”

“Idiot,” says Cristian.

“Wait it, Bud! Look, I am many horrible things, but unfair isn’t one of them. So, I will give you all the power to kill me and take Taylor’s body back. But you have to go through the library to get to me on the roof,” Victor explains.

“That doesn’t sound too bad,” says Jaylan.

“Also, I’m filling the library with things from my imagination and separating you all to different locations. Have fun.”

With a poof all the LoG people get scrambled through the library. From there the game starts when Taylor has to choose which LoG members will protect her soul.

This is how a character is chosen. The others are scattered throughout the library and can be added to your team. Permadeath is a thing and upon death of the main character you lose.

There will most likely be changes to this story. Taylor definitely didn’t kill Victor and I don’t think everyone else in YOUmedia will be dead at the beginning of the game. They’ll just pass out and disappear in a poof of smoke Nintendo style. Stay tuned for more updates from the making of this epic game.

Taylor Bayless

Taylor Bayless

Taylor Bayless is the lead mentor and founder of Library of Games. She used to be a Cinema Studies person but was then sucked into the world of libraries. She is currently a librarian at YOUmedia Chicago. She is a life-long gamer and a particular fan of adventure games, especially the work of LucasArts, Double Fine, Telltale and Quantic Dream. Working with this amazing group of teen gamers has been the highlight of her professional life and it has been a pleasure to share her love of video games with the teens of YOUmedia.

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