Season 11, Episode 5: When All Else Fails… Personal Choice

This week we bring you two personal choice segments (because our planned feature fell through). We talk about our favorite fake brands in games and out favorite Let’s Play channels.

Season 11, Episode 4: Early Access

This week we talk about early access and all the games we like, don’t like and in between. 

Season 11, Episode 3: In Defense of Mobile Gaming

This week we take a look at the world of mobile gaming. We defend this often maligned medium but also weigh in on some of the games and trends that bring down the medium.

Season 11, Episode 2: Rated E10+

This week we take a look at the ESRB rating system as well as other country’s rating systems. We have some suggestions about how to make the ratings more teen friendly and we also talk about the stigma of ratings in the gaming community.

Season 11, Episode 1: What are Deep Games?

Welcome back! It’s 2015 and we are off to a good start. This week we discuss “deep games”. What are they? Who are they for? And what is their future?